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Emacs Muse Slidy
web-ready, self-contained slides with emacs

This deck of slides

How it works

You write a text file with minimum markup in emacs:

#title Emacs Muse Slidy
#author Fabio Arciniegas

* This deck of slides

 - is a self-contained xhtml file
 - (yes, the images get embedded in the single file too)


 - it displays properly in all modern browsers
 - (including silk, safari, and other tablet browsers)
 - was written quickly as plain text in emacs

* How it is made

Then execute:
M-x muse-publish-this-file muse-slidy

That's it. The output is literally the presentation you are reading.

Other things you can put in your presentation

a table
and things like emphasis text
images with captions (all images get embedded!)
... and of course links
  1. numbered
  2. lists ...and more emphasis etc.


Emacs Muse slidy comes with a number of pre-packaged themes:

To change themes execute:

 M-x customize-variable muse-slidy-theme


Two options:

  1. Get muse-slidy. download as zip or clone from github:
git clone git clone git@github.com:fabioarciniegas/muse.git

Then Add the following to your .emacs file

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/muse/lisp")
(require 'muse-mode)
(require 'muse-slidy)

You're ready to go.


  1. open a plain text muse file (see muse/examples/slidy.muse for this file)
  2. M-x muse-publish-this-file slidy
  3. To change themes use: M-x customize-variable muse-slidy-theme

Itemized Customization

Beyond themes, you can customize via the following variables:

M-x customize-variable muse-slidy-override-head-icon mylogo.png

Thank you!

Muse slidy by Fabio Arciniegas, 2014. Emacs muse slidy is distributed for free, without warranty under the GNU license and is based on other free projects:

Available for download at github (https://github.com/fabioarciniegas/muse)